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Find and fill skill gaps in mathematics

The right content at the right speed, independent of age

Our curriculum maps provide a logical and unique approach:

  • Personalised learning; Topic choice based on ready-to-learn, not age
  • Compentency-based progression; Self-paced via demonstrated skills
  • Existing skills & gaps analysis included in first month, no extra charge

Our e-learning platform is suitable for individuals or classes:

  • Detailed insight for targeting specific topics/students
  • Easier to teach or tutor groups with a wide range of abilities
  • Meets the recommendations in the latest Gonski report to government

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For high school, college, university bridging, vocational, technical and further education

From bottom of the class to top half within six weeks

Chris (parent)

Struggling Students

A common cause of maths difficulty is one or more skill gaps. School progresses by age regardless of understanding, but maths builds on prior skills. Skill gaps form wedges of difficulty that grow with time, impacting self-confidence. MathU finds and fills skill gaps, giving personalised learning independent of age or background.

Adult Learners

Adults come back to study mathematics from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities. Whether it's a single topic of interest or a whole course curriculum, MathU shows how to reach and master it in a logical path with credit for existing known skills.

Gifted & Talented

MathU removes the age-shackle. No more minor extension or "busy work", and no skill gap formation caused by whole grade-skips. Students progress at their own pace based on competency in any direction that takes their interest.

individualised learning, not based on age

I like Mathu because it extends my learning of maths subjects that I need to know more about and I think it looks really cool how you can see what subjects you can learn next - it makes you want to complete the sections. I like the challenge

Rex (student)

Everyone has skill gaps, but too many disrupt the ability to learn. MathU identifies and fills skill gaps

Clean Interface

No fiddly symbol or equation buttons, no learning custom formats, and no mis-read finger swipes. MathU's intuitive interface allows natural entry of answers with a normal keyboard (or existing screen keyboard for mobile devices).

works on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Any Device

MathU works on all platforms: desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones (tablet or larger recommended for the best experience). No download required - all content is accessed through the website.

Catch-up for those who have missed too much school due to illness, travel or other absence

Mathu was just the online learning platform we needed when we had to do home schooling - it fills in my son's learning gaps and he really relates to the style of teaching that it offers. He has clearly been able to track his progress and can concentrate without any distractions, that are often on other math platforms. As a parent I am pleased that the learning encourages working out problems with pen and paper too.

Jordan (parent)
focus on specific skills using flipped classroom

Sound Pedagogy

MathU facilitates individualised learning at a class scale. The platform is based on the combination of research insights and direct experience in university lecturing and private tutoring for maths, science and engineering. Designed from an adult learning perspective, students take ownership with choice of topics. Progress requires demonstrated mastery rather than quantity of practice, mitigating skill gap formation. Teachers and parents have detailed insight into progress for targeted assistance.


Classrooms have a wide range of skills and abilities. Some students are already across a topic while others have not yet grasped the skills required to even start it. MathU facilitates multiple topics simultaneously while providing real-time insight into individual students' knowledge and readiness to learn specific topics. Teachers can target specific students, groups or topics for maximum learning impact. This is individualised learning at classroom scale. With a focus on skill acquisition, MathU complements other classroom teaching approaches such as enquiry-based learning by ensuring all students have the necessary foundations.

Reclaim class time for valuable student-teacher hands-on feedback

Your method with decimal multiplication and division was simple compared to what she had been taught

David (parent)

Custom Curricula

Need a specific maths foundation as a prerequisite for another course or for workplace training?
A focus on finance? Seeking statistics? Concerned about calculus?
Our consultant will work with you to map your custom curriculum using the MathU platform.

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