Product Details

Our online learning platform finds and fills skill gaps in mathematics.

We replace the traditional age-based approach with a full curriculum skill map.

Proceed with the right content at the right speed, independent of age.

What you get

  • Assessment of existing skills
  • Map of whole curriculum to show path to desired goals
  • Identification of next ready-to-learn topics
  • Explanation of each skill area (text, images and examples for easy review)
  • Over 70,000 practice questions with free-form input (not multiple choice) and answers
  • Self-paced progression
Teachers & Parents
  • Progress map to identify students/topics to target
  • Regular progress reports

There are no year levels in MathU. MathU combines the different levels and years of each curriculum into a map of topics. Student progress is based on mastery of topics. Level of achievement is defined by how many topics a student masters across the curriculum.

While it could be used by itself, MathU does not attempt to replace the teacher, parent or mentor. Rather, it identifies skill gaps, provides a clear path for learning topics, and facilitates handling of multiple topics in a classroom (individualised learning). Teachers, parents and tutors continue to provide valuable feedback, correction and inspiration direct to the student.


Device with modern web browser
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Safari iOS and Samsung Browser
  • Any device size, but tablet size or larger is recommended for a better experience
  • Compatible with ACT school-issue Chromebooks
Internet access
  • Nothing to download or install - all accessible via the web application
Scientific Calculator
  • Desk-top calculator tends to be easier to use than a computer app
Pen & Paper
  • Far easier than trying to do multi-step problems only on a screen

Assumed Knowledge

Early primary school mathematical concepts are assumed for all curricula offered by MathU:
  • Counting and skip-counting
  • Concept of place value
  • Currency identification
  • Basic shapes

Australian National Curriculum

  • Individual curricula available:
    • Year 4 (roughly) through to Year 10 Advanced
    • Year 11-12 Essentials
    • Year 11-12 General
  • Exclusions:
    • Assumed knowledge as listed above on this page
    • Practical hands-on activities not appropriate for online
    • Analysing current media articles, timetables or government welfare programs
    • Social, intercultural and ethical aspects (MathU is skill-based)
    • Nets and views of three dimensional objects
    • Time series and network graphs (level 11-12 General) (to be added soon)
    • Circle geometry (level 10A) (to be added soon)
of Australian National Curriculum skill references included in MathU

Underlying Maths for Vocational Education

  • Individual curricula available (more in development):
    • Cert II Electrotechnology (underlying maths)
    • Cert III Electrotechnology (underlying maths)
  • Exclusions:
    • Assumed knowledge as listed above on this page
    • Practical hands-on activities not appropriate for online

These curricula cover the underlying maths requirements for each Certificate course, not the entire Certificate course. This will identify and fix any skill gaps for students undertaking the Certificate Course.

Developed in consultation with Canberra Institute of Technology

Customised Curricula

We can create a custom mathematics curriculum to suit your needs using our map format. For example, a specific trade course or workplace training.

Contact us to discuss.